Why we’re giving back and why you should too

Why we’re giving back and why you should too

Our goal wasn’t just to launch a fashionable menswear brand, but to be a charitable brand.

With Gareth Wimble, founder and designer of Galago Joe, the message is clear: It’s not just a brand that gives back, but charity inspires the swimwear we create. Giving back is at the heart of what we do from the design (with animals on our fabric) to donating a portion of the sales to charities doing great work. 

Our named charities so far are inspiring beyond words. Mayhew and Oscars Arc are from the two countries we’ve called home.


Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working from their hub in London and overseas. They rescue hundreds of cats and dogs every year, provide veterinary care to thousands, and deliver community projects that improve the lives of both animals and people across the globe.

They began life as an animal home and shelter in 1886, but they are so much more than that now. They continue to improve animal welfare through their rescue and rehoming initiatives, but this isn’t their sole focus.

They are passionate about tackling the root causes of animal abandonment and neglect, as well as supporting vulnerable pet owners to stay with their companion animal. They run a number of truly unique programmes aiming to reduce the number of animals in need.

They genuinely do remarkable work and live up to their tagline that they’re for dogs, cats and community.

Ways that you can help, besides buying our dog print swimwear for which we give back a percentage of sales to Mayhew is to head on over to their website. Amongst Community Support, there are volunteering opportunities , fostering, events and many more.



Mayhew Charity

Mayhew is a registered charity - Charity Number 1077588


OSCARS ARC – dog adoption inspired 

Oscars Arc takes great dogs from existing shelters and places them ‘to the people’ at the dynamic pop-up adoption unit called WOOF Project

Moving around inspired locations, WOOF Project provides the exposure, PR and marketing needed for them to get a home - and a happier, healthier life.

WOOF Project offers an unrivalled customer driven adoption experience, that is both positive and efficient and is accelerating dog adoption rates in South Africa.

Oscars Arc is named after Oscar, the adopted dog who became the only dog to ever travel around the world, visiting 42 countries, across 5 continents in order to promote and inspire dog adoption. 

Oscars Arc Charity


Ways to support them, in addition to buying our swimwear, is to spread the message of adoption, donate, adopt and volunteer. More details through their website.

We hope that as we continue to create awareness through our design and that the proceeds we donate make a difference and support those doing amazing work.

What are your favourite animal charities?

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