Behind the Scenes with Josie

Behind the Scenes with Josie
Josephine CBO Galago Joe

Our Chief Barketing Officer is Josephine Wimble. You may have seen her on instagram @josephinethefrenchiecbo.

We’ll take you on a behind the scenes with Josie and give you a peek into what a day with her looks like running the show. There’s been some barking translation, with the help of her dad and founder of Galago Joe, Gareth Wimble.

Josie's Typical Day

7am: Breakfast time

With Carpe Diem enthusiasm she runs downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast of choice is Lily’s Kitchen dry food.

9am: Chill out time with my human brother Oli

We’re working on him learning to play tug-of-war and maybe fetch - it’s a process with a baby brother but I remain hopeful.

11am: Outdoor walks in nature

We’re surrounded by a beautiful park and the walks are just great. My favourite thing is licking people doing yoga in the park. I am not too sure how well this is received because humans standing upside down on their heads are not as friendly when you lick them. I love socialising with other dogs, making canine friends is always easier, we just understand the world around us better. Although I absolutely love humans with food. I’m still working on getting them to part with their food easily. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

12-1pm: At the office

I often get called in to test fabric, the strength of the product and ensure my canine friends are represented in good taste on our latest range. Can’t wait for the next line to launch. For now my lips are sealed. Unless you’ve got treats?

1-4pm: I head off to doggy daycare

It’s hard work perfecting my Frenchie ways. I get to hangout with my friends and run and play. It sounds like lots of fun but it’s pretty full on with all the exercise and training I get done.

When I get home, I have a nap and then enjoy dinner. Thereafter, I’m ready for more play and whatever my human dad needs me to sample for the latest Galago Joe swimwear.

That’s quite the day! Behind the scenes with Josie for a day, definitely calls for a nap!

Josephine is very much a part of the family business. Her input is highly valued and she’s got an incredible work ethic. As the face of the Galago brand, appearing on our buttons and her instafame, she’s no ordinary French bulldog. The team is completely in love with her droopy ear and fun-loving energy.

Feel free to send her a comment and say hi on her instagram @josephinethefrenchiecbo.

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