Thank Yous

None of this would have been possible without the relentless support and assistance of my friends and family.

Special thanks to my family for putting up with countless mails and messages and also allowing their frenchies to star in the beach videos;

My friends (especially Lindy and Dave) for being a helpful ear;

William, Katy (Hatley Prints) and Emile for the patterns, printing and toiles respectively;

Cylie for bringing my ideas to life in the form of the prints and logos;

Jess Dowse (The Daily Lunge) - For taking on any videographer's nightmare - working with kids, animals and a camera shy subject;

Sofia Dadourian and Brad (Head in the Cloud) - for an amazing job of shooting the beach scenes;

Frances for helping with the sampling and sourcing;

Simon for helping with the website;

Ben, Em, Mia, Matt and my fellow Escapees from the Escape The City Startup Accelerator course for patiently letting me ramble on about the swim shorts for 10 weeks and giving me your feedback and advice;

And finally (and most importantly) my fiancée for being my constant sounding board throughout this process and being my rock.